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My wife has discovered Etsy.

It's the beginning of the end.

Silence can be stressful

Absolutely overwhelmed with work, stressed out, juggling a dozen things at once, and I finally figured out what I was doing wrong:

I haven't been listening to music.

It took The Stranglers, Always the Sun to make me realize what I was missing.

Overdue update

Okay, what to say here.

First off, I am completely addicted to this song. I must listen to it about a dozen times a day.

The last time I listened to a song this much, it was this song. Virtually the same song, as you can tell, with nearly identical vocals.

Life is busy. Work is busier than I have ever been, which is great of course, especially when you work freelance and have no guarantees of any new gigs after the current one is over.

It's also good because we really need the money. The basement renovation continues, and the final tally on the work will by high. Originally we figured it would take around $20k to do it. Ha! We were so naive back then. Once we actually sat down and budgeted things we realized it would be considerably more.

Well, I'm sure we could've done it for 20k, but not the way we wanted to. And now that it's almost over, the final cost should come in around 15% higher than our real budget.

And then we have to furnish the sucker. Hooboy.

Anyway, I'll post a video of the thing once it's all done. You'll see it was all worth it.

In other news, the baby learned how to crawl this week. The easy days are officially over.

Still haven't seen the Watchmen. Haven't seen many movies lately, actually. Haven't watched TV either. It's either paid work, or looking after the baby, or working in the basement.

Did happen to watch Lars and the Real Girl the other day. A most excellent movie I couldn't recommend enough. Both hilarious and sad at the same time.

Went to St Lucia last month. Seems like forever ago already. It was an awesome trip, even if I did have to stay up until 3am working every night for the next 2 weeks to make up for it.

We're in Nova Scotia for a week, visiting in-laws for Easter. Going through security at the airport one guard tried to make Claire smile while his buddy did a random body search on me. She's a happy baby, but has such a serious face sometimes. I told the guard that if he did Pat-A-Cake she'd give him a big smile for sure -- she can't resist it -- and he was just about to do it but then said he shouldn't. it would ruin the image of the security checkpoint and he'd lose the necessary aura of fear and intimidation.

The guards did say she was a cute baby, though. They said they see a lot of babies come through, so they know ugly, and she's definitely a cute one.

Travel with a kid is all kinds of fun.

Enough for now.

Poop report

While it's nice that the baby loves her solid foods -- more sweet potato, please! -- I'm not sure I'm pleased with the corresponding changes it brings. Namely: turdlets.

I was used to only one poop each day. Sure, it was a fucking mess to clean up, but at least it didn't smell that bad.

I've already had to dispose of three turdlets so far today. The second one made me gag. How something so small could smell so bad...

The third one we caught on video. Not to worry, I won't post it. But it's documented now, so that's something for the ages.


I'm sure Sean Penn deserved the award and all, but can you imagine if they'd let Mickey Rourke loose to give this kind of acceptance speech at the Oscars?

Now that's a speech.


I can actually see when Bell turns on the "traffic shaping," as my download speeds drop by over 50%.

That, and I can feel the choke-hold squeeeeeezing.

The Simpsons in HD

It is rare these days for me to catch any TV show when it sctually airs. Sad, but true.

Last night between 8 and 8:30 I had a few minutes, and as I was flipping channels I saw the Simpsons was on -- oh yeah, a new Simpsons on Sunday -- so I watched a bit. The first thing I noticed was that it was an HD episode. Not a normal one on HD, but an honest to goodness produced in widescreen HD episode.

I learned today that it was their first.

Not much to say about it, really, except that wow, the black lines a really crisp and Homer's pants are a particularly bright shade of blue.

There was also a new, extended title sequence for the occasion:


The secret to a good night's sleep, by the way, is making sure the baby has two nice long naps during the day.

Anything that can be done to extend those naps into at least an hour and a half will pay off when she goes to bed easily at 7:00 and only wakes up once in the next 12 hours.

It's true. More sleep in the day means more sleep at night.


Now if only I can do something about the liquid shit dripping out of the dog's ass that gets me up to take her outside in the cold every two hours all day and night, we'll be golden.

Wax on, wax off

So yesterday I had my first doctor's visit in about 4 years. I'm fine, by the way.

The only trouble I wanted to ask about was earwax buildup. I could feel it there, in my ears. I acknowledge that it's my own fault: years of shoving Q-Tips in there and packing it in like cannon wadding.

There are two ways of dealing with earwax buildup, by the way. One involves a syringe of warm water squirted in. If it's really bad, they'll ask you to put some olive oil in there for a few nights to loosen things up first.

The other involves a tiny ice cream scoop on a long stick. I love that in this modern age of medicine, the best ways we have to deal with this universal issue are squirting water and a tiny scoop.

Well, my doctor whipped out her scoop and went to work on my right ear, which was the worst one. A few seconds of digging, and I hear her say: "Wow, that's the biggest..."

And then it dropped into my lap.

"...usually they come out in little pieces," she said.

And in my lap is a solid chunk of earwax. Dark brown, about 3 cm long, half a centimetre wide. Wax.

"Sorry," is all I can think to say. "That's kind of embarrassing," I add.

"Sorry about dropping it on you," she says.

"No worries."

Secretly, we're both quite proud of our accomplishments. Me, for growing this thing and finally getting rid of it; her for getting it out in one big chunk.

The other ear isn't so bad. "Just put some oil in at night and it'll come out in the shower." I'm a bit disappointed -- I want a slug out of both ears -- but them's the breaks.

Incidentally, two different family doctors have told me that ear cleaning ranks among their favourite professional duties. Apparently it is very satisfying work.

"It feels good to be able to definitively and instantly cure something," my doctor told me yesterday.

I don't know if I can hear better now, but it's nice to know that big lump of crap is no longer gumming up my ear canal. I can feel it's gone, and it's good.
Would you like to hear President Obama swear?

Sound bites from an audiobook version of his "Dreams of My Father" where he quotes a potty-mouthed childhood friend include phrases like: "You know that guy ain’t shit. Sorry-ass motherfucker ain’t got nothing on me, right? Nothin'", "There are white folks, and then there are ignorant motherfuckers like you.", and "You ain’t my bitch, nigga! Buy your own damn fries!"